We rely on and trust the advantages and advances that science and modern technology bring us in very diverse fields: medicine and hygiene, agriculture, cattle raising, industry, transport, communications, renewable energy, research and the foundations of democracy, liberty, social justice and tolerance.

We believe, nevertheless, that we should return to certain values, worryingly abandoned, such as honour, ethics, integrity, respect, sensitivity, compassion in the current sense of empathy or solidarity, the ability to sacrifice or postpone immediate desires so as to meet future challenges, hard work, a job well done, calm, dedication, attention to the task in hand, and conservation of those things that are still useful as the simplest and most ecological method of preserving the ecosystem.

We consider that we are facing the most dramatic challenge in recent history, living through a dramatic and profound change of model, and we fully believe that the future depends on each and every one of us.

We think that the necessary changes can now only come from below, from civil society to the politicians that continue to demonstrate their inability to lead the way. It is not Andalucía, nor Spain, it is the entire western world that is suffering from a pathetic crisis of leadership. Either they don’t know how, they are unable, they are unwilling or they are not allowed to. It makes no difference: the result is what is happening like some uncontrollable evil.

We reject corruption, mediocrity, ruinous paralyzing bureaucracy, useless demoralizing paperwork, the sterile unjust gossip, and the thousands of idiotic trivialities that miserably waste our time. We move on looking to the future, directing all our talents and energy at the important and the profound rather than waste them on the urgent or the unnecessary.

We are sure that we are indeed capable of restoring the great universal values of yesterday and reconcile them integrally with the valuable advances of the present, especially the universality of communication, and that we will between us achieve a just social model, motivating, healthy and inspiring, in  which living each day will be an authentic adventure of creativity and fulfillment, resulting in a social well-being never before imagined.

We have total faith in every individual: young, adult or senior and in their capacity to constantly achieve new heights and demonstrate altruism. For and on behalf of all the aforesaid we are working constantly in the Asociación Horizonte (Proyecto Hombre Marbella), in search of excellence. We invite all who share our view to join us and help us to better carry out the task.

(Approved by the Junta Directiva in their meeting of 11 December 2012)